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July 22nd, 2005

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07:51 pm - new

Hi everyone, I'm Layna and you could say I'm obsessed with QAF. I'm such a sucker for Brian/Justin. I've been looking for a nice community to just rant about random QAF stuff and came across this community.

Not many of my friends know anything about QAF so when I post about it in my journals no one knows what I'm talking about. So I'm hoping that here we're allowed to just post about random QAF thoughts because I do it too much over in my journal. I post pictures, rants, a spoiler here and there... My journal could become a QAF site! Lol.

Anyways,  I cannot stop thinking about episode 105 (I know I'm going waaaaay back!) and the scene where Justin runs to Brian's house and Brian's trick pushes him out of the door calling him and asshole and Brian steps in front of him and tells the other guy to leave. AH, that was too cute!

I'll recap!

Brian and his latest trick were just about to... "start" when Justin comes running through the door.

Brian: "Oh fuck!"
Trick: "Jesus who's this?"
Brian: "That's the president of my fan club." turns to Justin "What do you want?"
Justin: "My mom's out of control. Now she's following me."
Brian: "That must be an inherited trait."
Justin: "I'm not going home."
Brian: "Well you're not staying here."
Justin: "There's no where else I can go. Do you want me to sleep out on the streets, I could get killed."
Trick: "Why don't you get lost you little asshole, I was here first."

Brian gets this angry look on his face and steps in between the trick who is dangerously close to Justin;

Brian: "Better yet, why don't you?" *trick leaves*
Brian: "Beat it."
Trick: "Fuck you."
Brian: "You're the bottom, remember?" *slams door shut*

Lol. I just loved that scene too much and had to post it somewhere that I knew other people would know what I was talking about and could squee with me. =)

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