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The last episode didn't suck that bad - How Queer

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July 6th, 2005

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07:47 pm - The last episode didn't suck that bad
I'm not sure that I agree with the general consensus as far as the last episode is concerned. While I'm getting a little anxious/impatient about the Brian and Justin situation (who breaks up with only 6 more episodes left in the season?) and every episode that passes w/o them moving closer to reconciling does piss me off, I think the last episode was kind of pivotal in terms of the growth of Gale Harold's character *tries not to sound too much like Dr. Phil*. For the first time you see Brian open up about how badly his childhood f-ed up his ability to have a relationship, and he finally admits that he may be incapable of committing to Justin instead of insisting that he can but just chooses not to. His conversation with Linz is really important as well because--another first--his reputation and antics aren't glorified; they're portrayed as petty/immature. The end of this episode is what really got me though because it was definitely a turning point for Brian. When you take into consideration
1. he'd turned Brandon down
2. allowed him to come to Babylon to have first pick of all the hottest guys,
3. his last line was "lock the doors bar the windows but eventually bound to get in" (which he said with Don't Want the Drama playing in the background)
you have to come to the conclusion--or at least I did--that Brandon may be ready to turn in his player card. I think he realized that try as he might the Brandons of the world were going to keep on coming and, having nothing left to prove he could gracefully bow out while he was still the hottest guy in Pittsburg and maybe even pass the torch onto Brandon who, let's face it, is Brian only younger and with an annoying fondness for clichés.
That's why I think this was an important episode. Sorry about the long post none of my friends watch QAF so I have no else to talk to about the show.
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